John McCain Officially Joining Dems? Photo Evidence Unleashing Media Frenzy

The outrage over Senator John McCain’s recent antics has conservatives across America outraged.

In the latest development, McCain can be seen in a photo from the Senate floor, apparently congratulating Democrats on defeating the Obamacare repeal vote. McCain joined with all of the Senate Democrats to kill the Republican-sponsored proposal.

At this point, many people wondering if McCain is officially leaving the Republican Party and joining with the Democrats.

As the team over at the Conservative Fighters blog wrote, “Old age has caught up with him. He couldn’t even come up with a good excuse for letting the American people down. He cited ‘bipartisanship’ as his reason for voting ‘no’ on the ‘skinny’ repeal bill. … While the skinny repeal bill wasn’t as comprehensive as the initial Obamacare repeal bill–which McCain also voted against, it still removed some of the most burdensome measures of Obama’s signature policy.”

McCain was never actually a conservative,” they wrote.

McCain has been angering conservatives for years due to his liberal voting record on crucial issues, but the tensions have reached a boiling point in recent days as drama has played out over health care reform.

The truth is that McCain is a hypocrite – he and every other Republican campaigned on a message of repealing Obamacare. Now they are in position to do so and several of them are going back on their promises.

Sadly, this has become politics as usual for establishment Republicans – they say one thing on the campaign trail, and then do something totally different once they get to Washington D.C.

After a career as a so-called “maverick” Republican, McCain appears to be shifting more towards the left and it is causing a major crisis within Republican political circles in Washington D.C. and beyond.

McCain is reportedly set to undergo intense medical treatment in the coming weeks, so it remains to be seen whether he will be around for upcoming votes. If he is, all eyes will be watching to see if he sides with Republicans or Democrats.

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